Gramobone is a Finnish rock band founded by four music geeks in 2017. We serve our listeners our version of the 60s and 70s classic rock. Genealogy done by our listeners reveals our ancestors to be at least ZZ Top, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Free and numerous other classic rock giants, more or less justified. Hearing Gramobone mentioned in the same sentence causes us to mostly mumble confused and take another sip from the pint. Our goal since day one has been to make music we ourselves like the most without giving much thought to genre borders because, who else will listen to our music more than we do. It’s a great honor to get to play our music to people at gigs and for us, every new listener is like a new member in the band.

We shun phrases like ”rock ’n’ roll is dead” or ”new music is cold” – these one-liners couldn’t be more wrong. Rock has been searching its direction since its very beginnings and this tension is just what gives rock ’n’ roll its alluring danger. The fact that money doesn’t flow into making classic rock in today’s market-driven consumer society doesn’t mean death. For the most part it means the musicians must have greater ambition than ever to give their all to convey the supreme energy of their favourite music.

For Gramobone it’s self-evident to avoid the advantages – or disadvantages? – of the digital age and transmit our music just the way it actually sounds. Despite all yada yada and great temptations our music cuts the corners and gets straight to the point, leaving a smoky aftertaste ringing in your ears. The scenic route goes from Texas to Acapulco and all the way down to Alabama. Welcome to hop on board with us!